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宇宙往事​Once Upon A Time In Space


Captain Adam is on a mission to colonize a habitable planet, but when his ship encounters disaster, he must abandon the mission and instead, sends ancient bacteria to the planet in the hope that it will evolve into a new human species and thrive.

获奖记录 (Awards)

Best Original Score, Asian on Films Festival of Shorts (2017)

Best Sci-Fi Short, Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival (2016)

Best Sci-Fi Short, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (2016)

Best of the Boroughs, First Contact Film Festival (2016)

最佳创新短片奖-第七届中国国际新媒体短片节 (2017)

决赛入选 (Finalist)

北美华人短片展 (North America Chinese Directors Short Film)

半决赛入选 (Semi-Finalist) 

Short Sci-Fi Short Section, Hollywood Screenings Film Festival

Short Fiction Section, Davis International Film Festival (DIFF) 

官方正式入选 (Official Selection)

The 42nd Annual Boston Science Fiction Film Festival

The 6th Annual Oaxaca FilmFest

The 9th Annual Crystal Palace International Film Festival

Bloodstained Indie Film Festival

Grand IndieWise Convention

Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival

Asians On Film Festival of Shorts

Copa Shorts Film Fest


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